How is the Cost for Durable Medical Equipment covered?

  1. KRDL 2000, LSO Bracing, Electrotherapy, and Cold Therapy devices are all considered to be items of Durable Medical Equipment (DME). In Workers Compensation cases all DME is covered if prior approved and there is absolutely no out of pocket expense to the injured worker. For all other insurance types, coverage varies depending on the individual policy with a group health insurer and the employers plan. Virtually all Group Health plans provide coverage for DME items that are routinely prescribed for conditions like yours. In any event, IRP will verify the coverage benefits, get prior approval and make the patient aware of any charges they may incur.

Will I have any financial responsibility?

  1. If you are an injured worker and have and active W/C claim there will be absolutely no financial responsibility of yours. If you have Group Health coverage or Medicare, everyone has a co-pay and IRP works to make the patient aware of their out of pocket expenses as soon as possible. Often the insurance company insists on IRP, the provider, to collect some of our reimbursement for the patient as a part of their policy co-pay responsibilities. Generally, the percentage will depend on the specific type of plan/coverage you and/or your employer has in place.

Who can I call with questions?

  1. If you receive a bill from us and are unsure of the charges or what your insurance has covered, our friendly staff is waiting to assist you with all of your needs.   Our trained insurance staff will be familiar with your file and will be able to provide you the information and clarification that you are seeking. Please contact us at 888-477-8728  and ask for the customer service department. The Patient server team member will direct you to the appropriate party or department.

Making Payments.

  1. Most insurers, wit the exception of Workers Compensation, require patients to make a co-payment for products and services you receive for the treatment, your injury or illness. If you have received a statement from IRP on a co-payment or self-pay basis submit a payment with a credit card by contacting one of our Patient Services staff. You will need to provide your customer or claim number in order to process this type of payment. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

If you prefer to submit a payment by check, please send your payment to IRPAttention: Co-Pay Department, PO Box 2198, Costa Mesa, CA 92628. In order to ensure that your account is properly credited, please make sure you put your claim number or customer number on the memo section of the check and include a copy of the invoice we sent you.


 How do I return my equipment?

We are committed to your complete satisfaction with the products and services you have received from IRP. We need to know if you are using the KRDL 2000™ CPM device and whether your physician has recommended any extension to the original prescription. If not, then we will arrange to come to your home and pick up the equipment. It is important to note that any appointments that are scheduled with you and you are not there when we arrive; a $75.00 no-show fee will be sent to you. In order to avoid this, make sure that a 2 hour window of time discussed with our Patients Services department and that you, in fact, will be at the home when we arrive.

If you are an electro-medical device user, a postage paid envelope was provided to you when you received your device. Simply put the unit and all the accessories in the carry case and insert into the envelope, seal, and put it in the mailbox. If you have any questions regarding what to do with your equipment or are in need of service, please call 866-477-8728.